9 Mistakes in wedding planning People Often Do

  1. You and your partner have to talk about the budget before setting a date, booking a venue, or doing anything related to the wedding. It’s most important. A budget is a financial discussion for what you can afford. And all people make this type of mistake. They do not plan a wedding through the budget. Couples have to decide about flights, hotels, rental cars, food, and many more expenses than Venue, catering, and DJ.
  1. Know all the rituals of marriage and plan them one by one. Make sure that all the rituals are performed on a pre-decided time duration. 
  1. Make a sure list of guests is complete or not. 
  1. Make sure that your wedding planning has a booked beautician and tailor for both. If not, then tell them or book it from your end.
  1. In our tradition, guests are equals to god. So you have to take care of all the facilities of guests.
  1. A first aid kit is essential. 
  1. Talk to your wedding planner about videographers and photographers.
  1. Decide the menu of all days of the wedding.
  1. According to your wedding location, you have to send the location of the marriage venue to all relatives of both sides so that they can reach each other easily.

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