The covid shook the world last year and had a direct impact on everyone’s life. The pandemic was harsh on human health, but it was also a reason behind the disruption of several industries. The Tourism Business world went under tremendous loss due to the virus. 

But this crisis is also an opportunity to rethink and renovate the interaction of tourism with society. In this article, we’ll discuss ‘secret’ strategies that dominant tourism operators are using. These strategies can help you grow and generate more profit. 

So, read more below to boost the growth of your business.

Impact of COVID-19 On Tourism

Tourism is one of the largest industries on our planet, with the Third-largest export, and is responsible for 7% of global trade. But due to the outbreak, the industry went through a loss of around $910 billion to $1.2 trillion. The numbers are massive, and the effect was on millions of people as every 1 in 10 jobs is by tourism. 

The adverse effect of the virus was on the life and livelihood of people as around 100 million tourism jobs are at risk. The tourism industry is also a support to numerous small businesses like accommodation, travel, street vendors. Due to the link of these businesses with the tourist industry, they had an exceeding struggle to thrive.

Strategies for Prosper Tourism Business

Let’s now discuss the strategies that can boost the revenue and increase the customer count.

1. Revisit Your Plans

The tourism business is not just about treating your guests with generosity. The crucial step to stand out is to have a solid business plan. The plan consists of- marketing strategies, managing the staff, building a positive relationship with the agents, and setting achievable goals.

A determinate marketing or advertising strategy is a must in the present time. Without a marketing tactic, your business can’t grow. You can hire some marketing experts or use online tools for the same.

 2. Understand Your Customers

A tourism business can only prosper if you are attracting the most profitable and perfect consumers. An ideal customer can help you identify a goal and make necessary marketing settlements. But the main task is to understand the optimal customer for your business, and everything else will fall in place. 

If you have a set of ideas; that can identify potential customers, you’re going great.

3. Focus More on Direct Bookings

The simplest way of growing the revenue is to focus more on direct bookings. The agent in the chain will take some commission that reduces the profit. Therefore, customers who make a direct booking will contribute more to your income.

The steps to increase the count of direct bookings:

  • A strong online presence
  • Active Social Media accounts
  • SEO optimized website
  • Special Discounts and Offers
  • Online Tourism Packages
  • Attractive Brochures

All these attributes can be handy in creating a whopping customer base.

4. Positive Image

About 83% of consumers believe in word-of-mouth recommendations. Your business should have a positive and strong image to leverage this fact. What others have to say about you can determine the success rate of the business. 

The only way to have a powerful brand image is to enhance the quality of your services. The customers should have the best experience. It’s crucial to deliver your promises as it can boost credibility. 

5. Quality Content

To have a substantial digital presence, share relevant and regular content on online platforms. The tourism-related content can grasp the attention of potential customers looking for an exciting holiday plan. If you can post regular content that is also optimized, then nothing can hold you back.

The owners should also avoid wasting money on marketing that can’t target the ideal customers. You can overlook SEO experts or content creators that can’t create relevant content for your website.

6. Relationships

Strong relationships uphold a successful business. Without establishing a steady relationship, you can’t thrive in the cutthroat competition. Some sectors can affect your potential customers. These influential sectors are the Tourism office, trade, media, tourist info center, etc. 

A healthy relationship with these influencers can affect the customer count positively. These slight openings of opportunities can play a crucial role in pushing the growth of the business. 

7. Believe in Your Services

A belief in the services you provide is a must to maintain a positive environment. If you’re offering excellent hospitality to the visitors, then you’re just leaping forward. The service you provide tells a lot about you, and it can get you some positive feedback. 

Feedback can also lift the image of your business in the competitive world, and you can get considerable leads from it. 


Above were the seven secret strategies that can be the reason for your success. Every setback comes with an opportunity; hence it’s essential to grab it. Implement these strategies along with some other plans and witness the spike in the growth of your business. 

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