Artificial intelligence is a double-edged knife that can be utilized to improve the security level or as a dangerous weapon by cybercriminals. The relationship between cybercriminals and AI is as dangerous as it sounds. Artificial intelligence involves developing systems and programs capable of exhibiting qualities connected with human activities. The characteristics contain the capability to adapt intelligently to react to a condition or a particular environment.

AI technology has broadly been implemented in a cybersecurity solution, but cybercriminals are also leveraging AI to create smart AI malware programs and perform stealth attacks. Cybercriminals utilize artificial intelligence to fuel cyber attacks. They can also misuse AI technology to collect various data and information.

If you are a part of a company searching to implement artificial intelligence into cybersecurity systems and operations, you have to understand what artificial intelligence can do for your company. To improve your security level you need to understand the ways that hackers are hacking into company AI systems for cruel purposes. Some hackers utilize their own AI system to hack a company’s system.  

What are AI-powered cyber attacks?

AI-powered cyberattacks are conventional cybercrime increased with machine learning and AI technology. AI is now utilized for many devices that we come across daily, for virtual assistance to face recognition systems on our mobile devices. Hackers are taking advantage of AI technologies to implement and execute a dangerous program to collect valuable data and hack the whole system. AI-powered cyberattack in this advanced business industry is enormous, and it is continuing to rise quickly. 

This means that evaluating and enhancing a company’s cybersecurity posture needs more than simple human involvement. Intelligent cybercrime using AI technologies is very irregular and complicated. AI phishing attacks, malware and ransomware, Insider Behavior Analysis Abuse, Data Poisoning, and Deepfakes are the best examples of AI-powered cyber attacks.

How could AI be weaponized?

As the hackers become more complicated, companies need to prepare for the attack using machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and evolutionary computation algorithms. Hackers can also utilize AI technology to help with the effectiveness and scale of their social engineering attacks.

It can be used to spot patterns

They are using AI as a weapon to hack cybersecurity solutions. For instance, they can create codes to perform at a specific time. Regardless, programmers can predefine an application included as an AI trigger for performing a cyber attack. The features can go from confirming cycles through visual or voice recognition to character the executive features. Most applications utilized today contain such features, and this offers hackers abundant chances of feeding weaponized AI models, determining a key, and assaulting freely. The malevolent models can be available for quite a long time without recognition as programmers hold back to strike when applications are generally defenseless.

Bypass the company’s security system

Hackers are learning and using artificial intelligence technologies to bypass the company’s security system.  AI-powered cyberattacks allow cybercriminals to crack multiple passwords and collect valuable data.  With AI technology, cybercriminals can perform large-scale automated attacks and they can also hack surveillance technologies.  This technology also allows them to bypass the physical recognition system.

AI technology can adapt and evolve

Moreover, AI technology is different and unique in that they obtain intelligence and knowledge to adapt consequently.  Programmers are aware of these abilities and allow them to model adaptable attacks and develop smart virus programs.  So, with AI-powered cyber-attacks, hackers can gather the data of what barred the attacks from being successful and keep what proved to be helpful. In a first attempt, an AI-powered cyber-attack may not be successful.  

However, flexibility abilities can allow programmers to accomplish something in consequent attacks. To prevent and control AI-based cyber attacks, companies and cybersecurity teams require in-depth knowledge of techniques utilized to perform AI-powered attacks. 

Bottom line

In an era where everything is connected to the Internet and AI technologies, AI-based cyber attacks continue to expand in a highly competitive market. Cybercriminals use AI technologies to make malware capable to hack the trusted system. They take the help of AI-enabled viruses or programs to understand the preferred communication protocols, patch update process, and computation environment of a company. 

Consequently, Cybercriminals can perform untraceable attacks as they mix with a company’s security environment. A well-established AI system can prevent cyber attacks and boost the security level.  AI can be highly helpful in network monitoring and analytics. It can also help you to implement a baseline of normal behaviour and deteriorating inconsistencies in things such as server access and data traffic immediately. 

You can protect your business against cyber crimes by Advancing Cyber Resilience Strategies, implementing offensive and defensive security solutions, and hiring cyber crime and artificial intelligence experts. Highly qualified and experienced experts can establish regular security protocols in the system. They can help you to ensure the effectiveness of the AI system’s algorithms.


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