There are several digital marketing strategies available today. So what makes email marketing a unique style to promote your business? Read along to know how to find email addresses for email marketing.

Through email marketing, you can:

  • Create a customer relationship between you and your potential customers. 
  • Communicate about new products, sales, discounts, particular occasion messages, promotions, launching new products, etc.
  • Utilizing the above-mentioned factors to ultimately make an elevated number of sales. 

It is one of the most successful tools in retailing stockpiles and is going to help you to generate repeat business. As per a recent study, a person who clicks on emails is more likely to purchase. Email is the best vehicle that can drive traffic to your site and increase closure rates. Contact numbers are desirable but not valuable in comparison to emails. Is it not as easy a task as it seems to be, but collecting email addresses from your web visitors should be on the to-do list of every retailer. 

Few tips and tricks to find email addresses for email marketing from customers:

#1 Build a familiar bonding with the customer

Your job starts before you ask your customer to join the mailing list. You can use tactics like discounts, offering freebies, which can bring you closer to getting the email address from the buyer. The consumer will only share their information if they are interested, like or trust your brand. Ultimately your customer should be comfortable in sharing their personal information with you. This will create a rapport between you and your consumer. 

So it would be best if you seized that first chance to impress them. Collecting email addresses or other information will be later on. Try to make a real impression on your customer by giving them a satisfying shopping experience instead of using tactics like paying incentives to get people’s email addresses. Please don’t keep them waiting when they need help, and make sure your store is presentable. If you have a favorable impression, then they will surely give their email address. 

#2 The best method to collect emails

After you have set your preliminaries, it’s time to collect that vital information. You have to choose from plenty of options available to get the email address from your consumer. Be certain about using the correct method. Following things can be done:

Using an App:

  • Manual labor is eliminated when using an app. 
  • You can confirm with the email marketing provider about integrating with the app and collect an email address. e.g., MailChimp’s -Chimpadeedoo.
  • You can use services like SignUpAnywhere, and it will capture addresses using an iPad.  Also, SignUpAnywhere can integrate with another similar marketing program so that you can transfer emails in a quick and easy method.

Form Filling:

  • If the customer agrees to join your mailing list, provide them with a form to be filled. 
  • Very basic and easy to execute.
  • Some drawbacks are you have to re-enter the information and might also open up room for flaws.

POS system:

  • Check if your point of sale vendor has any solution.
  • POS systems have built-in capabilities to let retailers take the information of the customer.

Loyalty program:

  • If you have an existing loyalty program, the email address can be collected when you ask to sign up.

#3 Improving on finding email addresses for email marketing

Let’s find out how you can improve your methods and get the customer to join the emailer list. Alongside an outstanding shopping experience, you can also follow the actions mentioned below, demonstrating the best practices.

Offer discounts:

Discounts are an excellent way to collect the email address. They will indirectly repeat business at the same time. 

Be Genuine:

Stop being robotic about the process and be as upfront as possible. Let them know the reason for taking the information. 

Give away Prizes:

Similar to discounts, offers and giveaway prizes on some popular products can work wonders. You may end up with a high winning rate. It is a great strategy for the long term as it will build repeat business.

Hold managers and associates liable:

Capture rate is improved by holding your staff responsible. They are the ones to track the number of emails their staff can collect. If the target is not achieved, you can get involved in this and help them to improve. 

Create social call-to-action:

Today almost everybody is running a social media account, and they are engaged too. Try to bring them to the sales funnel. Drive them to join an email and text list. You can reach out to them based on such lists.

Wrapping Up

The process to find email addresses for email marketing from the customers is an inherently difficult task, but still following some tips and tricks, you can be on top of the process. Email marketing gives the business an enhanced capability of reaching customers, making them more accessible than ever. It is one of the most noticeable forms of expression and accounts for enormous conversions in the B2B world.


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