Due to governance deficit and accountability, the emergence of Mr. Modi on the national scene in 2014 was seen as a fortuitous event because he seemed to possess qualities of leadership that were mainly lacking in the predecessor. 

It has more to do with the perpetual ownership deficit when we seem to suffer at the highest level of politics and constant attempts to pander the public. 

Suppose we talk about the second tenure, then Mr. Manmohan Singh was mired in scandal and stagnation. He has lost moral authority completely and lost control over specific events as well. We all know that he used to belong to the Congress party, then he showed the remarkable incapacity to replace the home with the more substantial and more decisive leader as he seems to be wholly incredible. From that day, his fortune continues to haunt. 

After that, an understanding of Mr. Modi, who has the more significant life lessons and boundless energy and the projection of being strong and more decisive, was the leadership quality universally welcomed in India. His strong personality and autocratic ways were seen as a minor aberration, worth overlooking that we craved. As people desired good governance, security interest was seen in his leadership qualities. 

Several speed bumps along the way in his first terms, like the demonetization and lousy implementation of the GST initiative. There were no doubts about the abilities of Mr. Modi. His leadership qualities were remarkable and not questionable. 

After some time, his fate has stepped in and has played spoilsport. Due to the pandemic with the unprovoked Chinese coincidence in the Eastern of Ladakh handled shoddily. This resulted in a significant loss, which allowed the government leeway to claim partial success and more failure. After the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus has laid the country low, and we found short of life-saving drugs and oxygen and even hospital beds. This led to a major crisis in our country. This shows that our leader was not fully prepared, which cost the lives of people. The second wave incident or problem was harrowing, and many people lost their lives due to the shortage of facilities and lack of hospitals and oxygen. 

What is the importance of Accountability and how to reduce Governance Deficit? 

If we talk about Accountability, then several people are not well aware of the term accountability. It is an essential concept for every business nation’s growth. If you are willing to know the truth of Accountability, then you are at the right place. Here you will be able to access the reality of Accountability. 

  • Mainly the term accountability begins with the leadership, which defines the culture, and if you are willing to make a culture of Accountability, then it starts with you. You need to prefer the concept of Accountability if you want to take ownership. 
  • If you are a leader, then you are accountable. You will be responsible for the failures and success both. Accountability comes as part of the work description, and if you ever try to duck it, you will have to face some significant negative impact on the level of Accountability. 
  • If you think that Accountability is just one thing, then you are highly mistaken. It is not a one-time thing, and it can be an all-time thing or some time thing as well. It is crucial to be visible as being accountable at every time. If you don’t want to be responsible, then it will give them the out they want. 
  • If we talk about Accountability, then it applies to one and all. It is crucial to be consistently requested for everyone and every time to access Accountability. If you let the people ignore the term accountability, it can open the door for several others for the selection of accountable. 
  • You can never celebrate Accountability, and it is something that has to be accepted for the person to feel more accountable and gain ownership. If you want to get people to take this concept of Accountability, then set them up to become successful. 

Conclusion on Governance Deficit and Accountability

Mainly Accountability is the difference between success and failure. If you don’t take the concept of Accountability, then things will get worse. It would help if you held the tag of ownership to better success.

 According to the sources, India has been characterized as a weak state for the case manners in that we always tend to pretend or maybe respond to crises. It is not like that we don’t even have a requisite for resources or any trained workforce, but it is because, as an academic Anti Mukharjee who points out that “we already have chosen to be weak”. 


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