The fact is that India was an island before it could run into the continent “Asia,” and interestingly, this holy place of ethnicity and religious custom was the wealthiest empire of all. Where it housed two religions, namely Buddhism and Hinduism, there are still that remain unknown to us, and here we will be discussing the unique facts of India you might have not unknown until now. 

#1 To begin with, we have chess!

Vishwanath Anand, the Indian Chess Master, known to all of us, is popularly in the people’s consciousness because of the game chess, as the invention happened in India in the 16th Century, which initially got its name chaturanga and later was called Shatranj. This game was then taken by the Muslim rulers in Persia and slowly went to the Europeans.

#2 The crown rule in India

The popularly named empire known as The British Raj is nothing but the crown rule. Back from 1858 to 1947, they ruled the kingdom and were the wealthiest empire in history with 134.9 $ billion in 1870 at that time itself!

#3 Mosques couldn’t be any less here

India houses almost more than 3,00,000 mosques, which is the highest number globally compared to the Islamic countries, which signifies the second highest population in India is Muslims.

#4 India, back in time, was an Island!

Yes, you heard it right! 10 million years ago, this land was one among the Gondwanaland, which was a supercontinent. Still, only after 50 million years later the ground collided with Asia, and now we are on the Asian continent which is actually an amazing Facts About India.

#5 Indians spoke English!

India was in the second position of English speakers out of about 125 million people. Now along with the major languages, India houses Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi. So in the list also adds up to other major 22 languages.

#6 Kumbh Mela got to be the largest religious gathering.

The mela being the most prominent human gathering for the Hindu pilgrimage, they go around four places and take a bath in the sacred holy water of the Ganges.

#7 Stay away from the Sentinelese!

Sentinelese refers to the indigenous tribe in the Andaman island who kill the people apart from their area as they hate them. So that’s the caution here. If you are visiting there any sooner, stay away from the Sintilenelse.

#8 Magnetic hills in India 

On the Kargil and Leh highway, a stretch of road can make you experience gravity. That’s why it is called the Magnetic Hill. The travelers have experienced the lift of the vehicle when it is in a stationary condition. 

#9 India still has the Royal Families

There are people with royal families living uniquely in today’s date, and to name a few, they are The Royal Family of Rajkot and the Wadiyar Dynasty of Mysore.

#10 Aren’t you aware of the Konyak Tribe yet?

In Nagaland, among the officially found tribes of 17, they are the largest headhunters. It was supposed to be an end of the head hunters long back, but there are still 17 of them, and that’s why this is an unknown fact.

#11 Asia’s largest cable car is in Gulmarg!

Haven’t you sat at the cable car yet? Then begin the ride at Gulmarg from the resort, being the starting point reaches a bowl-shaped valley called the station of Kongdari, and the ride continues to Afarwat Peak that is the endpoint.

#12 Varanasi is the “City of Temples.

It is the oldest one to think of, where there is a saying that Lord Shiva lived there that is on the riverbank of the Ganges. It has names such as City of learning and City of land, to name a few.

#13 In Roopkund of Uttarakhand, there are skeletons.

The melting ice revealed the skeletons of 300 humans of the 9th Century, and that lake is called skeleton lake. 

#14 Haunted vibes in the Shaniwarwada fort in Pune!

On the whole moon night, people claim that they hear strange sounds from the fort, which was once the love nest of the ruler Bajirao whose lover is KashiBai.

#15 Chasme shahi water has some medicinal values.

The garden in Srinagar, where the falling water exists, is believed to have medicinal value, and it is why people drink the water to treat the diseases.

#16 Are you a tea lover? India has much to offer.

With 9,00,000 tonnes of tea production in a year in India, we have become the second-largest producer where Darjeeling and Assam contribute with different varieties.

#17 We have 100 types of mangoes!

India is the most extensive mango producer, housing 100’s of varieties, and maybe the number can be more than this.

#18 Mystery of Kailasa Temple

It was carved entirely by a single stone which is in Aurangabad!

#19 Floating Post office in Dal Lake!

On the inauguration of the Srinagar, the tourists can find the floating office in the Dal Lake, where people take boat rides to send the post. 

#20 Are you a cricketer? Then must be familiar with the Highest Cricket Ground.

In Himachal Pradesh, you can find the 2,444 meters high playground called Chail!

Final Thoughts

India being a country with a lot of facts, we might not be aware of it entirely. These are just a few of them to name, but there is a lot to see as you dig more with the facts of India!


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