There are plenty of talented people who play sports or are of utmost dedication and hard-working towards the sport in India. Out of the blues, when there are plenty of entertaining sports, the question arises as to the topmost entertaining sports played in India, and here you can know all about it!

  1. What’s on the top of the list? It’s Cricket!

Who isn’t aware of the bat and ball game in this era? Long live cricket! Most of us spend time in front of the TV during a cricket match. And do not move our eyeballs away from it as long as the ad comes. Indians are the enthusiasts who watch sports and respond with emotions! 

During the time of IPL, the energy is just more thrilling than usual and has been a favourite of all. Our country plays against the international teams and has represented India with its abilities and talent to gain victory!

  1. The next on the list is “Soccer!”

Although cricket is more popular, that doesn’t keep the Soccer game behind. Suppose you aren’t aware of what Soccer is, then it’s popularly called “Football.” In the mid-19th century, the game was addressed in India as the British soldiers left their legacy. But the team couldn’t make it up but only a few times. So to gain recognition, it started the Indian Super League to encourage its popularity both outside the country and in the home, which was a promising move in bringing enthusiasm in the player and is the second most-watched game.

  1. What to say about hockey? It’s next on the list.

Hockey is the national game of our country and has successfully made it to the Olympic level. The British introduced this game, and it all started with the notion that “It could evolve them as a strong warrior on playing the game.”

It was the time of Dhyan Chand when India dominated hockey with his tremendously skilled game, who brought three gold medals with his contribution to the sport. From there led to today’s century. Hockey sport got more Olympic medals altogether than that of any other well-played country so far. Hockey has brought home a bronze medal.

  1. The growing racquet sport named “Badminton” makes its way to the list.

The racquet sport has taken the attention of the sportsman by increasing its bandwidth to all the regions. In this game, the legend “Prakash Padukone” made this game enjoyable enough to increase the followers, and that finally led to the search for “Saina Nehwal,” who is doing great in today’s date. 

  1. What’s with Tennis?

The game is popular as of now in urban areas. It’s all the British people who introduced the game. There is currently a shortage of talents in this game, but the legends such as Sania Mirza and Rohan Bhupathi have made their names in making the country proud.

  1. Chess has been a legendary game as well!
entertaining sports
entertaining sports

Have you heard of Vishwanath Anand – the chess master in India? If he hasn’t influenced the people, then who can? He has been the world champion from whom we are aware of the game, Chess. He is the reason why the youngsters want to take this game ahead. As the competition celebrates the pursuits of cerebrum and intellectuals, it originated from India, where it was earlier called Chaturanga and later got its name as Shatranj. 

  1. Now comes Motorsports!

The craze of driving a Formula One got people interested in being a part of the motorsport game. This game got its attention in India in 2005, where Narain Karthikeyan was the first to join the team racing. Apart from Formula One, Mahindra Racing, where the rally drivers race in the competition, Gill made his way to win the Asia-pacific-rally championship.

  1. The last on the list is Basketball!
entertaining sports
entertaining sports

The game is popular among college students, and universities, though it is the western game, this is the number one. It lacks the people’s interest in making it to the international competition, but lately, the women’s team has made their way to the FIBA women’s Asia Cup.

The Final Thoughts

Though there are many games, each has its significance with how the game is designed or played. It would take over the interest of the sportsmen as long as they see the game inspiring. And with the leaders, the games are meant to reach the doors of sports enthusiasts. On the current events, the listed above entertaining sports have made their way in the hearts of the sports followers and even the sports enthusiast players to play with passion and inspire more young people in the coming years to expand.


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