Cricket is more of an active sport and is different from jogging. Each sport asks for specific requirements, and likely cricket has them too. Like the ball is an essential aspect of the football game, the bat and ball are crucial aspects of cricket. But the wearable’s just like cricket shoes also matter for the clean deliverables and comfort. So, if you think a jogging shoe can do well on the cricket field, then it’s a wrong assumption.

Now, if you agree they matter in your performance, read on, and we’ll explain how it makes a difference.

1, What matters first is comfort over everything else.

Any product that we use has first to fulfill the criteria of comfort. Cricket is a sport that involves running around in the field, and, while batting, when you land to hit a shot, the shoe’s feel to land and to run matters a lot as that is the crucial move to play the sport. So, it matters if the shoe is tight or loose as it directly imparts poor performance or learning productivity.

2. What has blood circulation got to do with the shoes?

As a sports person keeping the body hydrated and allowing good circulation of blood flow is crucial. And the cricketers already understand the importance of it. So the blood flow is interrupted when the part of the region is tightened or restrained while making breathing in the area possibly hard. So, one must pick the right fit for the feet and consider the necessity of blood circulation to avoid wearing tight shoes.

3. Whether to go to spikes or rubber?

Is this choice putting you into a dilemma? Well, clear it out! The professional games are usually on the grass, and as you know, the grass is slippery and too much to handle when it is moist. Generally, our shoes with rubber soles tend to slide you on the grass. So, to avoid the same, one must wear shoes that offer support and grip. And that is fulfilled by the soles with spikes. As long as the game is not on the grass and turf, dive into wearing rubber shoes. 

4. You don’t need calluses on the feet, do you?

A wrong choice of shoes can develop calluses in the feet while playing a painful game. The pressure points are more sensitive, and you don’t want them to be hurting you anymore. So the decision of picking the right ones must be your priority to avoid the calluses or corns annoying you during the game or after it, for that matter. If you wonder if both the bowlers and batters are preferred to wear the same type of shoes, then it isn’t true. The cricket shoe choices are different for the bowlers as they run more, it becomes necessary for them to wear shoes with spikes on the entire sole, whereas the cricket shoe preferences for the batsman will be the spiked ones on the front while on the back, it is a rubber sole. And this is how their tastes vary.

5. How is the posture affected by the cricket shoes?

Generally, have you observed the differences between playing cricket wearing a slipper and a pair of shoes? It would be hard to run while you bowl as a bowler and even maintain the posture to hit a ball as a batsman. Similarly, the observation on a closer level can make make out the difference between the improper fit shoes and proper ones. If the posture is disturbed, then indeed the game is disturbed too. Hence, experts recommend wearing an appropriate shoe while playing cricket to play a good game on the field.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, a proper wearable can allow you to perform a good game. Once you pick the cricket shoes, the rest depends on how you have practiced the game, be it a bowler or a batsman. At this point, you can rest assured and perform the game with no discrepancies. Moreover, it avoids the risk of falling and fallouts while the cricket shoes ensure to offer the best support it possibly can. These are why one has to look up to what they wear, especially while playing a sport. Be that as it may, it can be any sport, the choice of selecting a good one matters for the reasons explained. When the matter is also about avoiding injuries from happening during the game, one must not neglect the benefits of choosing the right cricket shoes to wear for the feet that hold you down well on the ground. Pick the boots considering all the above points.


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