The digital age has led to various changes in the way we work. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020, most of the offices had shifted from work from the office to work from home. Nowadays, we see people catching up with their colleagues on slack and conference calls over zoom and organizing projects over Google drive. Due to the global pandemic, virtual meetings and online conferences are the new regular now. 

As the world continues to move online, virtual or online conferences are on the rise. If this is being used wisely, then we can walk away with an arsenal of valuable insight.

As everyone is anxiously waiting for the return to impersonal conferences and meetings, it is still possible to forge new professional relationships over the internet rather than a cocktail. Here are some tips to make the most out of the online video conferences:

Setting Up Your Intention

Having an intention before going for an online event or a conference is a prerequisite for having or gaining the best experience out of that meeting or the conferences. It is always better to ask yourself the following question before going to an online forum:

  • Earning a business opportunity
  • Learning more about a new project that would be started.
  • Finding ways to increase efficiency within the SEO processes. 
  • Feeling more confident of selling the services. 

Planning of Schedule Accordingly

Just because you can work and attend online conferences at the same time doesn’t mean one should be doing that. Many events are seen to provide a schedule ahead of time. Having a proper plan ahead of time allows you to go into the conference with a clear idea about how you will spend your time in the forum. 

Following are some of the insights about how to plan a schedule before attending an online conference:

  • Choosing The SessionsOnce it’s known about the event schedule and you are clear about your intentions of attending the conference, it’s easy to determine the most important sessions. With more flexibility, it’s easier to plan ahead and also optimize what the sessions you want to see or attend are. Maximizing your time and learning by reviewing and selecting topics and sessions in advance is possible when the sessions to attend have been sorted out. 
  • Knowing When To Take A BreakWhen planning a schedule for an online conference, building in time for breaks is essential. It refers to the time to eat, time to decompress, time to refill the coffee cup, time to do other work or any personal stuff in the home. 

Conferences, whether held physically or virtually, generally have lots of breaks in between. This helps a lot for the individuals attending the discussion by providing a halt to the brain, which will increase the retaining process of the brain. 

  • Recap At The End Of The Day At the end of the day, it’s necessary for taking some time to reflect. It would be best if you thought about your intentions and what you have learned throughout the day. Has the purpose been fulfilled? This analysis helps make the most out of the conference, or the event attended throughout the day.   

Gathering The Essentials

Before attending the conference, whether it’s online or offline, it’s essential to gather the required essentials. It can help a lot in making the meeting effective for you. Following are some of the requirements that are generally needed while attending the conference:

  • Having a Clean NotebookHaving a clean and clear notebook can help you to stay focused in the conferences. So, it’s crucial to grab a new crisp notepad or create a new document or a file on the computer before attending the video conference. 

If you think of noting down on a computer, it’s advised to close all other tabs and stop all the notifications so that there is no disturbance in between. 

  • Having Some Snacks, Water or Coffee Having some snacks and coffee as refreshments helps the brain stay focused. It’s also essential to have plenty of water. It’s also essential to have plenty of water. It is always very crucial to keep the body hydrated. 

Looking for Networking Opportunities

Depending on various virtual events, the network opportunities would differ—an individual needs to keep a creative eye on the occasion.  

For example, if the event is a live chat, it may be happening at the social media platforms such as Facebook, etc., or it may also be happening at a platform such as a zoom, etc. They allow viewers to chat with each other, which has a great potential for network building. 

If it’s a video Q&A session, there is an excellent possibility for an individual to put up their points and engage in talks with the others in the event.  

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