A valuable product or service will make no sense without brand advertising. It’s not child’s play to attract new customers while retaining the previous ones as the competition is stiff. The prominent brands use the advertising process precisely to remain on the top. If you want your brand to fly and flourish, read this article until the end, as we’ll discuss why your brand needs advertising. 

What is Brand Advertising?

There is a considerable commotion between the words advertising and marketing. Numerous people use advertising as a synonym of marketing which is entirely wrong. Then what exactly is brand advertising? It is a process that can enhance customer loyalty, creates brand awareness, develops brand recognition, and establishes a healthy relationship with consumers. 

The brand is a vision or story that drives a business; it’s a concept that consumers can understand and recognize a brand among several similar companies. Branding or brand advertising consists of the name of a brand, logo design, and other specifications. 

Brand Advertising

Why Does Your Brand Need Brand Advertising?

Let’s understand why brand advertising is essential.

  • Brand Recognition

As we know, the first impression is the last; therefore, for a favorable brand profile, impactful brand advertising is a necessity. Several segments determine the intensity of brand recognition; these factors are logo, color, font, and other graphics-related stuff. 

A trendy brand believes in maintaining a subtle logo, monochromatic colors, and easy-to-read fonts. A combination of essential elements develops a professional identity of a brand. Restaurants, clothing brands, or other competitive companies can experiment with the logo and colors.

  • Credibility is Crucial

When a brand creates a favorable profile, credibility will increase on its own. The credibility of a brand is crucial in building a trustworthy relationship. A loyal customer will, in return, give you the maximum conversion rate. If the consumers have faith in your brand, then you stand ahead of your competitors. 

You can organize several events to upthrust the image of the brand. You can also pay to sponsor community events that are crucial for a positive impression. Regular charity work for a cause is also handy in creating a credible brand.

  • ADs for Engagement

There is a correlation between engagement and conversion, as a vital connection results in a better conversion rate. Top-notch brands focus on making an ad full of intellect, emotion and delivering the idea or vision to the audience to increase engagement. 

89% of customers stay loyal to a brand sharing similar values. Hence, expressing your idea or vision through an ad can result in a spike in sales. A catchphrase that is simple and can describe the concept of a brand is impeccable. A monologue by some strong personalities can also create a difference.  

How can OTT platforms be a Jackpot for Brand Advertising?

During the pandemic, a record number of people chose the OTT platform as the primary source of entertainment. The OTT platform in India had a growth of 75% to 150% (Source- Enkay Group). All the prominent brands are now shifting their advertisements towards the OTT platforms. 

The reason behind this inclination is pretty simple, more engagement. Several brands are now working with such platforms to bring about the best advertisement solutions. Companies like Pepsico are targeting every region and sharing their message with catchy ads. 

OTT can provide multiple options for advertisements like images, videos, or gifs, etc. Plus, the user info present on these platforms can be handy in customizing advertisements. The biggest challenge in front of these companies is reducing attention span. Earlier it was 12 seconds, but now it’s 8 seconds, which makes it crucial to intrigue the audience in the first few junctures. 

There is a wide range of possibilities for brand advertising on OTT platforms. The right strategy and precise ads can bring traffic to your website.

3 Steps of Brand Advertisement

Let us now find out how the advertising strategy works practically:

  • Set of Rules

Specific rules are necessary for an impactful strategy. These rules contain a well-defined goal and audience. You can figure out the objectives like brand awareness, promoting services or products, a favorable brand profile, etc.

  • Research

The most important step is research, as it requires time and decent efforts. Start with the market research and figure out all the ongoing trends. Now, it’s time to understand your brand and where it stands. List down the features that the customer needs but is unavailable at present. 

  • Apply

After setting up a goal and promising research work, it’s time to implement the tactics. Choose the right tools according to your needs. Stick to a proper budget if you want to avoid any hassle. The marketing campaign is a process that requires special attention, set-up of a precise plan to execute these campaigns.

Final Words

Now you know almost everything about brand advertising; hence it’s time to implement all the strategies and leverage them. Every business carries its own identity; therefore, it’s crucial not to copy any campaigns from others. You can always take suggestions but build your plans.

So, get ready to take your brand to a whole new level. 

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