Tanning is a traditional way to get a rich and healthy skin tone. Even in the present world, people like Tanning on the skin. But suntanning is not that fun as it carries some repercussions. Too much heat can burn the skin cells and disrupt the DNA. According to some studies, it can also cause severe skin cancer in humans. 

But if you want to get that tan, look here for everything you need to know about Tanning. From procedure to safety measures, you can find everything in this article.

So scroll down to unpack the components of suntan.

The science behind Suntan and SunBurn

If you want to get that “sun-kissed” look, you must know the science behind it. 

The light from the sun that reaches the ground is 53% infrared, 43% visible, and 4% high-energy UV. UV light can penetrate your skin and damage the DNA structure. Based on wavelengths, there are three types of Uv rays- UVC, UVB, and UVA. UVC rays aren’t harmful, but some of the UVB can be detrimental to the skin. But UVA rays are the most dangerous ones as nothing can protect us from them. 

The skin tries its best to protect itself from burning with the help of a protein – melanin. The protein absorbs UVB and UVA that gives you a dark appearance. The UVA light is high-intensity and hence penetrates the skin deeper, leading to DNA damage. 

DNA damage can result in life-threatening cancer. 

Get Best Natural Tan in 3 Steps

If you want to get a dark tone, read this section to get an even natural tan. 

1. Before Going Out

You can do several things before leaving for a sunbath to absorb more rays. First, you need to do hair removal as hair can cover the surface of your skin, inhibiting the absorption process. Next up is exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells from the body. 

2. While Sunbathing

Use a high SPF sunscreen before exposing yourself to the rays. Suncream is very crucial to avoid any sunburn. Drink water at regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t lay in one position for too long and keep rolling. 

Choosing the right time slot is also essential; early in the morning or after 3 P.M is the best time. Don’t expose your body for more than 2 to 3 hours as it can result in a sunburn. If any of your body parts turn red, get inside some shade as it could indicate sunburn. 

3. The Aftermath

Once you’re done with the sunbathing, several things can maximize the effect of the sun’s rays. Moisturize your skin, and don’t let it dry. Eat food that is rich in beta carotene to avoid any sunburn

Tanning Beds and Tan Jabs

A lot of you people must be thinking that what if we can go to a salon and get some tanning with the help of tanning beds. According to the Harvards, using tan beds can have negative consequences like skin cancer and premature skin aging. The reason being high-intensity Ultraviolet radiation, both UVB and UVA. 

The tanning beds are known as carcinogenic, with a high probability of causing cancer like melanoma. One must avoid tanning beds due to the intense blemishing effect. 

Certain people want a tan, and they use tan jabs to get that brown tone. But these jabs can have numerous side effects, and they can cause heart problems. Melanotan is the substance that helps in producing more melanin, but Melanotan is not safe for humans, and one should avoid it. 

Why is Sun Tanning “Not” a Good Idea?

Until now, we’ve discussed everything about getting a tan, but is it a good idea? Decades of research and tests are proof that sun exposure is responsible for skin cancer, and you can get the sunshine vitamin from food and supplements. In simple words, gone are the days when sun exposure was safe. 

Since global warming is on a spike and the ozone layer is evacuating, the effect of UV rays will intensify with time. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from the sun’s rays. 

Final Takeaways

There are several adverse effects of exposing your skin to the sun. But if you still want to get brown and tanned skin, you should follow some safety measures. Always wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or above to be on the safer side. Remember that sunscreen can only reduce the effect of UV; it can’t cancel out the reaction.  

The truth is that every skin tone is beautiful in its own way; never use artificial methods like a jab to get a brown tone. These beauty methods have no positive effects but a bundle of negative ones. Cherish your skin and love yourself a bit more than yesterday.

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