Marketing and promotions of a product and service can be effectively done by using various mediums or platforms. There are multiple types of mediums, such as the traditional mediums and the modern platforms for the promotion. There are also numerous costs and benefits associated with each type of marketing, so it is critical to understand each marketing campaign’s objectives and use that platform that is effective in every way.  

Understanding the right ways and methods suitable for your business can help you make the right choice for your products and services. 

Print Media

The type of message a business wants to send to its consumers depends on that print media offers different options for marketing and promotions of a Product or Services. Newspapers, magazines, billboards are some of the most effective ways of promotion through print media. However, many of these media outlets have dwindled in market penetration but retain fundamental importance with specific demographic groups. 

  • Newspapers are still retaining a very considerable prestige and also a very high consumption rate in many areas. There are many groups of consumers who are seen to be still continuing to receive their daily news in newspapers in printed hard copy formats. Marketers still want to use traditional print media advertising to reach a particular area or segment of a population.
  • Many magazines have seen to have migrated to online segments in order to reach their target audience. But still, there are few traditional consumers who still prefer to use the printed hard copy copies of magazines. Online magazines do help by reducing the publication cost. However, the marketers who still want to retain specific market segments have to maintain their traditional way of printed magazines.  
  • Billboards are still not considered to reduce their effectiveness as that of other forms of media. Billboards have always been very effective in local event promotion and brand awareness. It continues to be used effectively despite the various efficient ways of digital marketing and advertising tools available for the promotions of a product and services by businesses. 

Electronic Media

Electronic media is a very general term used to describe a media that requires an electronic device for watching or accessing the content. Some of the most common forms of electronic media include radio, television, and telemarketing, etc.

  • This is one of the most expensive marketing platforms and requires good preparation in conducting the research and reaching the target consumer, and the production of the commercial and product placement. Television, even after being a traditional way, remains to be one of the most powerful forms of marketing and promotional methods. Despite the advent of the internet, many people are still seen to be spending a good number of hours watching television.
  • Radio is a type of broadcasting media that is very effective in reaching key demographic areas. In combination with proper marketing research, a radio marketing campaign can be effectively used to communicate a promotional message to a target segment that would have a high degree of success rate. 
  • Telemarketing has remained to be an effective form of marketing. It is due to the introduction of new technologies, like automation and cross channel lead generation. They have enhanced conversion effectiveness. It remains a very highly effective way to connect with consumers and increase revenue. 

Online Promotion Mediums

Online promotion and marketing methods are some of the most used promotional techniques and mediums by any brand or a company to advertise their products and service. Some online promotional mediums include Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing, and promotion. 

  • Search Engine Marketing and Promotional medium include both the paid and the unpaid mechanism, which would increase the visibility of the advertisements and the websites in the search engine results. These had led to increased visibility has led to higher traffic and an increase in revenue. 
  • Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., has always been a great medium of modern marketing and promotional technique. They have massive marketing and promotional possibilities for the business. However, there are various costs and challenges associated with using these platforms, but a highly successful social media marketing campaign can be instrumental in generating consumer interest.
  • Email marketing has always been a very effective medium for marketing strategies since the inception of online marketing. The use of newsletters and advertisements, and other content that have been directly sent to consumers who have expressed interest in the product or the business has remained a very successful method in generating revenue in the industry.  

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