Tourism is seen to be one of such industries which are growing very fast. Similarly, the tourism industry of India is also multiplying. India has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It plays a crucial role in the development of an economy in a country. The tourism industry helps in injecting wealth into the community in various ways.  

A brief history about the tourism industry in India

  • India Has been seen to have attracted a large number of travellers in the past due to its incredible history and diversified culture.
  • Travel for pilgrimage also boosted when the emperors such as Ashoka and others started building rest houses for pilgrims.
  • Different forms of tourism were gradually introduced in India, such as business tourism, wildlife tourism, and the post-independence period.

Importance of tourism in India

Tourism plays a significant role in the economic development of a country. The most important benefit of the tourism industry is that it is significantly labor intensive. It provides benefits directly to the people in the community. It helps indirectly boosting their local spendings. 

Following are some of the importance of tourism in India:

  • Employment Generation– Tourism brings in many job opportunities, specially for the people living in the community. Job opportunities are directly seen as increasing for tourist guides, hotel staff, coach services, restaurants etc. As per a survey conducted, it was found that tourism accounts for about 8% of the total employment in India. A great thing about tourism is that it gives a significant boost to industries such as retail, food production, etc., which helps in the generation of employment in those sectors. 
  • Rise In Spending In The Local CommunityThese seem to be coming from two ways. First is the money that is directly being spent on the local economy. Secondly is the money spent by the tourists on local businesses and individuals that are generally seen to be re-injected into the local economy. 

Tourists visiting certain parts of the country also spend a lot on the basic requirements that every human being has. It includes spending on food, clothing, transportations, medical services, etc. The revenue earned from the tourism industry is said to be having a multiplier effect because whatever is earned by the local individuals and the business is being inducted into the local economy. 

  • DiversificationThe tourism industry brings prosperity to the economy, but it also helps the economy generate a new form of income. For the local industries, this acts as an insurance policy to help them in their hard times. It enables the business owners by providing them with relief in challenging times. 

It is beneficial, especially for those relying on a single industry, for example, mining, manufacturing, etc. It is also helpful for the rural economies, primarily based upon farming and agriculture, having significant risk. 

  • InfrastructureThe revenue that gets inducted into the economy is also beneficial for the local council and the Government. It refers to the tax that comes to the Government when the income of the people in the community gets increased. It leads to improvement in the infrastructure by the construction of new roads, bridges, etc. It also helps the Government improve the beauty of the community by constructing new parks, improving the condition of the public spaces with new structures, and many more. 
  • Social AdvantagesAlong with the increase in revenue generation and income, the tourism industry also helps by providing a cultural advantage. The local culture and heritage are being showcased to the tourists, which allows them to spread the culture and beauty worldwide. 

It also helps the local communities bring forward India’s rich cultural history near the visitors, which can make the visitors influenced. When they return to their country, word of mouth promotion will help more and more tourists visit the place. It can also serve as a way of preserving the history of India. 

The Tourism Advisory Board of India has recommended various measures to the Government to increase the country’s tourist footfall. After reviewing the tourist trends of previous years, the board has suggested appropriate measures for promoting the history and cultural heritage of India to the rest of the world. If implemented, these steps would help boost the tourism industry in India in three years to come.

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