It’s the home where you live, and how can you compromise with the quality of it? It’s not a matter of settling at all when the point is about to endanger life in a way or two! Even the leakage of water from the roof or the falling of paint is a concern of aesthetic look. Doesn’t it bother you when investing in a brand new home under construction or, be it may, constructed already?

Although real estate is in a hurry to sell as many houses in the market competition, we must know if the desired product is delivered! Hence stay ahead from settling for less and check the handover finished product for the quality check!

What is about the quality check?

When the quality of materials or construction itself doesn’t adhere to the government’s standards, it needs a check to ensure safety.

Like every product, the house is also a more significant concern that undergoes a check at each step. Although a quality inspector exists in the team, the client may have to take care too; otherwise, expecting sustainability and protection against damage will remain in the imagination when the building fails.

So the check begins from the following aspects.

Evaluate the mix of concrete

The concrete mix strength speaks about the ability of the home to withhold the load in a structure. Technically the power of the concrete is directly proportional to the load-bearing capacity of the system. The check gives an idea of why the concrete mix is a primary concern of the quality check.

These days in construction, the use of ready mix concrete produced in the market has an appropriate ratio of cement and sand used, which offers the necessary strength.

You might say, how can one possibly test the strength of the built home? The answer to it is a nail test! Hammer the nail to the wall and check its easiness. If that could nail in so quickly, then the strength of the building is poor.

Analyze the quality of the paint

If anywhere on the walls, if you observe uneven cracks, stop the eyes right there and ask the painter about the same. After a wall plastering, even the slightest attempt indicates future damage, which isn’t a matter of ignorance at any cost at all! There are two of them: poor quality paint and carrying out the curing process more than what is necessary. Ensure they use suitable quality paints to enhance the look aesthetically and feel and maintain the walls’ endurance in the long run!

Look upon the quality of the soil.

The strength of the building relies upon the bearing capacity of the soil, and hence the soil foundation has to be firm and stable to withhold the dynamic loads from the building.

After knowing this significant fact, one must understand that not all soils are suitable for building construction. As you know, the soils vary from place to place, and the construction team has no say in it. But indeed, they have a say in whether to construct there or not! 

Black cotton soils and Clayey-rich soils have a nearly inadequate bearing capacity because they swell and shrink! Foundation holds the building, but what is the point if the earth doesn’t support it? It is sure to collapse in no time.

So have a word regarding this matter with the contractor and investigate.

A check on Structural Integrity

The building involved in the design and especially the structural designs matter a lot in the stability of the structure. The beams, columns, walls, and slabs are structurally designed and can’t take this aspect lightly in the construction as the endpoint maintains the integrity of the entire building. 

The design structure is a bit technical, which may be challenging for the buyer to analyze, and hence a structural engineer has to be hired to ensure the same.

When it comes to the design aspect itself, the check for the building’s earthquake resistance, exit entries, and, importantly, fire fighting facilities in emergency cases are essential.

An investigation of the thickness of the walls

Before the agreements, ask the builder to educate you about the thickness of the walls. The deal initially is agreed upon one value, and if the execution isn’t the same, then it’s a cheat! Don’t you think so?

On the other end, the thin walls are prone to cracks easily, and one can analyze that by pushing the key against the constructed walls, and if you surprisingly observe the hole in the wall, you caught the manufacturing defect.

The builders use the plywood to construct the walls to enhance the strength of the building, but they fail to tell you the plywoods are prone to damage when the termites feed on them as food. It needs action.

A check on sanitary equipment

The bathroom needs a thorough check for skid resistance and its fittings. The proper use of the fittings is analyzed by just seeing its shape and witnessing the comfortableness. At the same time, the floor in the bathroom has to be resistant to skids. Otherwise, the user is prone to a fall accident. 

And indeed, the check of the ease of the water in the toilet is another concern that needs no qualification to check as it is an actual need.

What’s in the end?

Some sellers may deceive the buyers without a quality check, and it is easy to get deceived as we don’t know about it. Still, low-quality materials aren’t safe for our lives as they damage the life cycle of the building and, in turn, risk people’s lives. So the awareness of quality check before an agreement has to be spread among the people to be safe from life threats and be satisfied in receiving the finished product as expected for the penny invested.


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