The usage of social media platforms is no longer limited to engaging with friends, relatives, and individuals that you resonate with. It is much more than that. Today, social media channels are a primary source of information and brand awareness, making them an integral part of Twitter marketing strategies for several industries. 

A well-planned social media strategy can turn out to be a game-changer for service-based industries like the tourism industry. However, it is essential to utilize social media in the right way to achieve the required rate of return. Setting up social profiles and getting followers by any means possible is not the way to go if you want to truly utilize the power of social media. 

Out of a wide array of social media marketing platforms, we will focus on ‘Twitter’ in this blog. Let us delve into the topic and learn how Twitter can help you grow your tourism business’ online presence. 

Tried & Trusted Twitter Strategies To Promote Your Tourism Business 

Complete Your Profile Tourism Business on Twitter 

The most common mistake that businesses make is leaving their Twitter profile incomplete. The platform offers a lot of settings that you can use to personalize your profile. Take advantage of these settings and make your profile as unique as possible so that your users can segregate you from the crowd. Add the following details to your account. 

  1.  Create a username– Use a unique username and make sure that your competitors do not use a similar name. 
  2.  Add a Display Picture – Use a profile photo that represents the individuality of your brand. It can be a company logo or simply a graphical representation of the name. 
  3.  Key Pointers – Add critical pieces of information that make you stand out from the crowd. 
  4.  Customization – Customize your page by using the brand’s color palette or different themes by editing the appearance settings. 
  5. Notifications – Ensure that your notifications are ON so that when messages or mentions you, you can receive alerts. 

Frequent Posting 

Once you have completed setting up your account, begin the posting process. Studies have shown that the afterlife of a tweet is 18 minutes, which can be advantageous for tourism marketing. 

The short afterlife allows you to send out multiple tweets in a single day. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter displays the tweet chronologically, so you will be able to reach many people with those tweets. 

With every like and retweet you get for your posts, your reach will expand, and your content will reach more new eyes. 


Some time ago, Twitter was probably the only platform using hashtags. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Twitter gave birth to the #hashtag trend. By using hashtags on Twitter, you will be able to categorize and index your tweets which makes them easily searchable according to the algorithm. 

Targeting the keywords you want to promote as a hashtag will make your brain easily reachable and help your potential customers reach you. For the tourism industry, has tagging travel destinations is a common and highly effective Twitter marketing strategy. 

However, it is important not to stuff too many hashtags on your posts. Adding irrelevant tags will not increase your engagement; instead, it will negatively affect the reach of your tweet. Therefore, it is essential to utilize hashtags strategically. 


In a world where the audience’s attention has reduced significantly, visual content is the greatest way to grab their attention on social media, and Twitter is not an exception. Using photos and videos not only attracts your audience it also helps you run higher on the algorithm. Even the simplest of visuals, such as an image preview, can significantly improve your tweet’s reach. 

If you are not sure whether your target audience will respond well to images and video content, it is recommended to carry out an experiment. Send out a few posts with visual content and see how your users respond. If you receive the desired response, continue following this practice. 

Enhance Engagement

After utilizing the tips mentioned above, you can further expand yours by linking your Twitter account with other profiles of your business. You can link the account to your website blog, Facebook, and Youtube site. 

This way, your Twitter followers can click on the link to your other pages and engage with the other content posted on diverse channels. By following this, you will attract more consumers to your travel business’ website and social media platforms and ultimately improve overall brand visibility. 

Signing Off  

Tourism marketing on Twitter can be tricky in the initial stages and requires a lot of strategic planning, but the benefits are worth it. 

Following the strategies mentioned above, you need to make sure that you can cultivate a good brand image with your Twitter profile. Be honest with your audience and give them frequent updates about your travel business. 

While Twitter is a great platform to promote your business and increase sales, it is essential to remember that it is still a social media platform. Your audience does not want only sales pitches. They need social connection and personal interaction. 

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