Kerala can be a good go for couples looking for exotic and romantic Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala. Kerala is god’s country because of its incredible mountains, green and lush canopies, famous and unknown beaches, and endless coconut groves. 

There are many romantically beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala, or every corner is full of utmost beauty. Couples can go to Kerala and enjoy any site. Still, we are listing some lovely and romantic places that will give a loving start to your blooming relationship. 

Let’s dive right in!

Kovalam- get beachy vibes with the better half.

Kovalam is the best Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala very famous lighthouse beach. One of the most famous and beautiful resorts is Leela Kovalam. It is built between two beaches and gives a breathtaking view of Kovalam.  

It is best to visit from September to March. 

Bekal- a perfect place for newlywed

Bekal is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. Bekal Fort is on the shore of the Arabian Sea and is in a town named Kasaragod. The area encompasses many attractive destinations. Apart from Bekal Fort, you can visit  Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Kottancheri Hills, Chandragiri, Nityanand Ashram caves, and many more places. This small town is the land of seven languages and diverse cultures. 

Undoubtedly, one of the best unique and exotic destinations to visit in Kerala with your life partner. 

Vagamon- a paradise for tourists

Vagamon is a hill station 1200 m above sea level. Vagamon hill station is in the lap of western ghats with a cool breezy climate. If you want to know what a paradise looks like, visit Vagamon. The small town has so much to offer, like beautiful lakes, pretty waterfalls, stunning meadows, and delightful landscapes. The route to Vagamon goes through misty hills with waterfalls makes the journey an unforgettable experience. All the tiredness disappears with refreshing green surroundings. 

You can stay at lovely resorts or hotels. 

Summer is the best time to spend in Vagamon, especially from March to May. 

Trivandrum- Kerala’s capital 

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. This city has historical significance, architectural masterpieces, and a lot of beaches. The two most famous historical places in Trivandrum are Kuthiramalika and Kowdiar. Kuthiramalika is a royal palace built by the former maharaja when India was under British rule. The castle is of marble, granite, teak, and rosewood. One hundred twenty-two wall brackets of wooden horses are carved on the roof slope, giving it its name Kuthiramalika meaning ‘mansion of horses’. Kowdiar is also a royal palace with 150 rooms. Each room reflects royalty from each angle. You can visit it after approval from descendants of the royal family as the palace is their private residence. Other attractions of the city are the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple and other temples, museums, and beaches. 


Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala

One of the favorite destinations of love birds in Kerala is Munnar hill station. Tea estates, lush green gardens, and colorful fauna can take anyone’s heart away. Lovebirds can roam through tea gardens, coffee, and cardamom plantations holding each other’s hands. Other places include famous dams, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks that bring you near nature.

Alleppey- Venice of India

Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala

Want a foreign-like experience in India with your soulmate? Come to Alleppey. Alleppey is the first choice among new couples for honeymoons because of its calm atmosphere and serene backwaters with coconut trees along the borders. You can enjoy sailing and sway in the quiet backwaters on houseboats. Beautiful scenery from the boats waits for you to hold them in your heart forever. Alleppey has the best picturesque scenes, beaches, and paddy fields. You can book a luxury cottage to make your honeymoon more memorable and private. The houses at Symphony beach offer delicious food and privacy at the beach which every couple craves. You can enjoy intimate moments in the open with nature. Make your dream come true. 

From October to February is the perfect time to visit Alleppey.  

Kollam- a port city

Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala

Kollam is the port city of Kerala on the Malabar coast. Couples can explore the unusual natural attractions of the town like beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. You both can book a sea-facing hotel to rejoice in your honeymoon. These hotels also offer lavish honeymoon suites to make your honeymoon even more unforgettable. 

Visit Kollam between October to March. 

Wrapping up

Kerala is full of attractions. You can try traditional food and explore the natural wonders of the state. We wish you a great time at these fantastic destinations. May God bless you with a successful love journey in his own country.

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